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AeroShell ASF3 (1-USgl-Can)

$126.45 excl VAT
55 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 26/Jan/2027
Introducing AeroShell Fluid 3: your trusted mineral lubricating oil for aircraft parts. With exceptional low-temperature performance and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, it ensures smooth operation in extreme conditions (-54°C to +121°C). Perfect for hinges, bearings, and more, it's the pro choice for aircraft maintenance.


    AeroShell Fluid 3, available in a convenient 1-USGL-CAN, is your go-to mineral lubricating oil for aircraft parts needing a light oil with excellent low-temperature performance and a low freezing point. This general-purpose lubricant is specially formulated to resist oxidation and corrosion, ensuring your aircraft's vital components stay protected and operating smoothly.
    Key features:
    • AeroShell Fluid 3 boasts exceptional low temperature performance, operating reliably in temperatures ranging from -54°C to +121°C, making it a trusted lubricant even in the most extreme conditions.
    • Protect your aircraft parts from rust and degradation with AeroShell Fluid 3's advanced formula, providing robust inhibition against oxidation and corrosion, ensuring prolonged performance and durability.
    • Benefit from AeroShell Fluid 3's low viscosity and outstanding resistance to evaporation, making it perfect for various aircraft applications, guaranteeing consistent lubrication without the need for frequent reapplication.
    AeroShell Fluid 3 is the lubrication solution trusted by professionals across the aftermarket aircraft industry. Its versatility makes it indispensable for numerous aircraft parts, including hinges, pivot joints, shaft joints, bearings, cables, camera mechanisms, radio and radar gear, and instruments. 
    Elevate your aircraft maintenance routine with AeroShell Fluid 3 – the reliable choice for optimal lubrication and protection.


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