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ACF-50 ACF-50-AEROSOL (13-oz-Aero)

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Expiry Date: 06/Oct/2026

warningHazardous Material

Introducing ACF-50 Aerosol Corrosion Inhibitor, the ultimate defense against metal corrosion for aircraft. Endorsed by industry leaders and recognized by the FAA, its advanced formula ensures comprehensive protection from moisture, chemicals, and environmental elements. Trusted by OEMs like Airbus and Boeing, ACF-50 offers versatile applications, safeguarding aircraft of all sizes. Elevate your aircraft's defense today and ensure lasting safety and integrity.


    Corrosion, the bane of metal, threatens aircraft integrity, safety, and longevity. ACF-50 Aerosol emerges as a potent shield against this natural nemesis. Its innovative formula, endorsed by industry giants and governmental bodies, promises unparalleled protection. Whether single-engine crafts or commercial jets, ACF-50's proactive defense ensures peace of mind for pilots and operators alike.


    Key features:

    • Proactive Corrosion Control: ACF-50 tackles corrosion head-on, mitigating its effects through advanced chemical inhibition.
    •  Comprehensive Protection: From airframes to avionics, ACF-50 blankets critical structures, shielding them from the ravages of moisture, chemicals, and environmental elements.
    •  Endorsed by Experts: Trusted by nineteen airframe OEMs, including industry titans like Airbus and Boeing, ACF-50 stands as a beacon of reliability.
    •  FAA Recognition: The FAA acknowledges ACF-50's efficacy, cementing its status as a preferred corrosion preventative compound for aircraft.


    ACF-50 applications are versatile: safeguard single engines and light twins with comprehensive spraying, extend rotorcraft lifespan by treating crucial areas, ensure cargo integrity for airlines by applying it to critical components, protect floatplanes against corrosion on floats, fuselage, and connectors, and maintain turbo props and business jets with targeted applications on specific parts like trim drum actuators and landing gear.

    Elevate your aircraft's defense against corrosion with ACF-50 Aerosol Corrosion Inhibitor. From single-engine marvels to commercial giants, ACF-50's proven track record ensures lasting protection and enhanced safety. Invest in ACF-50 today and fortify your aircraft against the relentless forces of corrosion. Your aircraft deserves the best; choose ACF-50 for unparalleled peace of mind.


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