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Triumph Insulation Systems LLC. (CA) INSULFAB-4000 (350-Yard-Roll)

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Introducing Insulfab 4000, a lightweight, high-strength vapor barrier designed for demanding environments. Ideal for the aircraft industry, it ensures robust protection and moisture resistance. With versatile fabrication options like ultra-sonic sealing and heat-sealing, Insulfab 4000 integrates seamlessly into insulation blankets.
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Triumph Insulation Systems LLC. (CA)
Triumph Insulation Systems LLC. (CA)
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    Insulfab 4000 is a lightweight, high-strength vapor barrier designed for superior performance in demanding environments.  Ideal for applications requiring robust protection, Insulfab 4000 is versatile and can be fabricated into insulation blankets through various methods such as ultra-sonic sealing, heat-sealing, taping, or stitching.
     Key features:
    • Lightweight Construction: At just 0.88 oz/yd², Insulfab 4000 offers minimal added weight, making it perfect for applications where weight savings are critical.
    • High-Strength Vapor Barrier: The unique combination of bonding fabric and Halar ECTFE film provides exceptional durability and protection against moisture.
    • Versatile Fabrication Options: Compatible with ultra-sonic sealing, heat-sealing, taping, and stitching, allowing for easy integration into various insulation blanket designs.
    • Proprietary Adhesive System: Ensures strong and reliable bonding, maintaining the integrity of the barrier under challenging conditions.
    Insulfab 4000 is ideally suited for the aircraft industry, where maintaining lightweight and robust insulation is essential. Its high-strength vapor barrier properties make it an excellent choice for protecting sensitive components from moisture and environmental damage. It can be used in insulation blankets for aircraft interiors, engine compartments, and other critical areas requiring reliable vapor protection.
    Enhance your aircraft's performance and protection with Insulfab 4000


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