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HRH-10-F50-5.0-0.307 (1-Sht)

H/COMB (1820mm x 1066mm x 7.80mm) (1-Sheet)


    HexWeb® HRH-10 - NOMEX® aramid paper reinforced with a high temperature phenolic resin. This product provides good retention of strength for temperatures up to 300°F. Specifically designed for formability; Retains mechanical properties in the curved condition; Offers cost savings for curved panels. The HexWeb® Nonmetallic Flex-Core® cell configuration as opposed to the standard hexagonal cell honeycomb provides for exceptional formability into compound curvatures with reduced anticlastic curvature and controlled buckling of cell walls. When formed into tight radii, HexWeb® Nonmetallic Flex-Core® provides higher shear strengths than comparable hexagonal cores of equivalent density. HexWeb® Nonmetallic Flex-Core® applications exist wherever extreme curvature dictates a flexible cell geometry, e.g. radomes, ducts, leading edges of wings and stabilizers.


    Technical Specifications
    Hexcel Composites Ltd


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