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Magnaflux ZP-9F (400-ml-Aero)

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Expiry Date: 31/Jul/2026

warningHazardous Material


ZYGLO DEVELOPER (400-ml-Aerosol)

Zyglo Developer (400ml Aerosol): Achieve flawless aircraft inspections with Magnaflux's versatile ZP-9F. Superior contrast and rapid drying for accurate results.


    Introducing ZP-9F, the Solvent-Based Zyglo Developer by Magnaflux, a trusted name in inspection solutions. This product, available in a convenient 400-ml aerosol can, falls under our Consumables category, catering to the needs of the aftermarket aircraft industry.

    Product Overview:

    ZP-9F is a versatile non-aqueous developer composed of organic particles, specially formulated for optimal performance. This developer is designed for use with fluorescent and visible penetrants, creating a distinctive opaque white coating and contrasting background. It finds widespread application in various testing materials, including welds, castings, forgings, leak testing, pressure vessels, aircraft, marine components, construction, maintenance, petroleum pipelines, power plants, and general metalwork. It's a reliable solution for industries such as automotive, off-highway equipment, and farm equipment.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Offers exceptional background contrast
    • Rapid drying for efficient inspections
    • Produces a thin opaque coating that conceals surface imperfections

    Specification Compliance:

    ZP-9F adheres to rigorous industry standards, including:

    • AMS 2644
    • AMS 2647
    • ASME
    • ASTM E1417
    • ASTM E165
    • Boeing PS-21202
    • GE P50YP107
    • MIL-STD-2132
    • MIL-STD-271
    • NAVSEA 250-1500-1
    • QPL SAE AMS 2644

    Usage and Application:

    ZP-9F is designed for penetrant testing, specifically for defects in welds, castings, and forgings. It should be applied using a spray method to ensure consistent results. Adequate agitation during use is essential to keep the developer particles suspended throughout the process. The developer is applied after surface penetrant removal and drying. Thorough coverage of the part is crucial for accurate inspection results. When applying ZP-9F, it's recommended to spray thin, even layers that lightly wet the surface. This balance ensures proper indication development without excessive bleeding or running of indications.

    Storage and Safety:

    Store ZP-9F within a temperature range of 50 to 86°F (10 to 30°C). Prioritize safety by reviewing all relevant health and safety information before using the product.

    Partner with Excellence:

    Magnaflux is committed to providing dependable inspection solutions, and ZP-9F is a testament to their expertise. The convenience of the 400-ml aerosol can makes it an asset for various inspection tasks in the aftermarket aircraft industry.

    Elevate your inspection processes with ZP-9F Solvent-Based Zyglo Developer. To explore how this solution can enhance your aircraft maintenance and testing, connect with our team. Trust Magnaflux and their renowned reputation for delivering top-tier inspection solutions to industries worldwide.


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