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Magnaflux ZL27A/AEROSOL (400-ml-Aero)

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Expiry Date: 28/Feb/2026

warningHazardous Material

Introducing our Zyglo ZL27A fluorescent penetrant, setting the aerospace industry standard for flaw detection. With bright indications, minimal background fluorescence, and a high flash point, it ensures precise defect identification and safety. Ideal for inspecting castings, welds, and more, it's indispensable for aerospace quality control.


    Our Zyglo ZL27A fluorescent penetrant sets the standard for flaw detection in the aerospace industry. Engineered for precision, this post-emulsifiable penetrant ensures reliable defect identification, facilitating stringent quality control measures. With features like bright indications, minimal background fluorescence, and a high flash point, it offers unparalleled performance in non-destructive testing.
    Key features:
    • Bright Indications: The penetrant's bright green-yellow fluorescence under UV-A light ensures clear and vivid indications, enhancing flaw visibility.
    • Minimal Background Fluorescence: By minimizing background fluorescence, the ZL27A penetrant ensures that indications stand out prominently against the test surface, enabling precise defect identification.
    • High Flash Point: With a high flash point, this penetrant guarantees safety during usage, making it suitable for open dip tanks and ensuring workplace security.
    Ideal for inspecting a variety of components including castings, forgings, extrusions, welds, and surfaces with rough finishes, the ZL27A penetrant excels in detecting cracks, laps, seams, delamination, and porosity. Its versatility and reliability make it indispensable in the aerospace industry, ensuring the integrity of critical components.
    Elevate your flaw detection capabilities with Magnaflux ZL27A/AEROSOL. 


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