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SJ8665, FP110-2 (1-ea)

$2168.00 excl VAT
More stock expected: 29 Mar 2024Stock location: UK


Introducing 3M™ Polyurethane Protective Boots SJ8665, the pinnacle of aircraft surface protection. These meticulously crafted boots are custom formed to provide precise and transparent shielding against a myriad of environmental threats, ranging from rain and UV light to insects and airborne particles. With a vast selection of over 500 sizes, SJ8665 caters to the unique curvatures and requirements of various aircraft, making it a versatile solution for general aviation, military, and commercial applications.

Constructed from UV-stable polyurethane, these protective boots not only offer impact protection but also ensure an exact fit, thanks to their adhesive-backed design. The solvent-resistant acrylic adhesive bonds securely to aircraft surfaces, guaranteeing years of reliable service. Beyond its protective capabilities, the SJ8665 is designed with ease of installation in mind, forming a durable erosion barrier that guards against abrasion, scratching, and other environmental factors.


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