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3M - Protective Boot SJ8665, FP110-2 (1-ea)

$1995.00 excl VAT
4 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 27/Feb/2026
Introducing 3M Polyurethane Protective Boots SJ8665: your aircraft's ultimate defense against rain, UV light, insects, and airborne particles.Easy to install and versatile, they safeguard delicate surfaces and critical components with ease. Ideal for aircraft operators seeking unparalleled durability and peace of mind.


    Protect your aircraft with confidence using 3M Polyurethane Protective Boots SJ8665. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these boots offer comprehensive protection against rain, UV light, insects, and airborne particles, ensuring the longevity of your aircraft's surfaces.

    Key features:

    • UV-Stable Polyurethane: Constructed from UV-stable polyurethane, these boots provide impact protection and an exact fit to aircraft radomes, thanks to their adhesive-backed design.
    • Solvent-Resistant Adhesive: The solvent-resistant acrylic adhesive bonds securely to aircraft surfaces, guaranteeing years of reliable service.
    • Easy Installation: Designed for ease of installation, SJ8665 forms a durable erosion barrier that guards against abrasion, scratching, and environmental factors.


    Whether shielding delicate surfaces or safeguarding critical components like radomes, SJ8665 offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind for aircraft operators. Follow the complete instructions provided for wet or dry application techniques, ensuring a seamless installation process.

    Protect your aircraft with the pinnacle of surface protection - 3M Polyurethane Protective Boots SJ8665. Order now and experience unmatched durability and reliability for your aviation needs.


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