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3M SCOTCH-BRITE-7447 (1-Pad)

$2.35 excl VAT
80 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 30/Sep/2033
Scotch-Brite-7447 (1-Pad) offers precise hand control and superior quality for tough cleaning or fine finishing. With easy tear-perforation and long-lasting resilience, it's perfect for deburring, cleaning, and polishing in the aircraft industry and safe for various materials


    Scotch-Brite-7447 (1-Pad) offers flexibility combined with an effective cutting action. It allows precise hand control to enable tough cleaning jobs or produce fine finishing results, use after use. Crafted with very fine grade aluminium oxide abrasives, it cuts quickly and finely, leaving a smooth, polished surface.
    Key features:
    • Easy to Use: Perforated for quick and easy tearing, reducing waste.
    • Precise Hand Control: Allows for precise hand control to produce fine finishing results.
    • Superior Quality: Serves as a superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other nonwoven products for cleaning or finishing tasks.
    • Long Life: Resilient pad resists tearing, splintering, shredding, loading, and will never rust, ensuring a prolonged useful life.
    Scotch-Brite-7447 is suitable for a variety of applications in the aftermarket aircraft industry, including deburring, cleaning, blending, finishing, and polishing. It is safe to use on several different materials like metal, wood, lacquers, ceramics, glass, plastics and fibre-glass.
    Revolutionize your cleaning and finishing tasks with Scotch-Brite7447 (1-Pad). Its unparalleled flexibility and cutting action deliver precise hand control, ensuring impeccable results every time. Say goodbye to inferior alternatives and order Scotch-Brite-7447 today.


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