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Protec International Ltd POLYTHENE SHEET (4mx25m-Roll)

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Introducing the PROTEC 500 Gauge Recycled Polythene Sheet: Your ultimate solution for safeguarding valuable assets from dust and dirt. Engineered for simplicity and reliability, this versatile sheet offers unmatched convenience, making it ideal for construction, renovations, or transportation.

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Protec International Ltd
Protec International Ltd
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    Protecting valuable assets from dust and dirt is a breeze with the PROTEC 500 Gauge Recycled Polythene Sheet. This versatile roll of high-quality polythene offers unmatched convenience and reliability for safeguarding furniture, equipment, and more.

    Key features:

    • Multi-folded Design: Engineered for simplicity, this polythene sheet is easy to handle and install, saving you time and effort.
    • Dust and Dirt Barrier: Whether in construction or storage, it provides a dependable shield against dust and dirt, keeping your assets pristine.
    • Multipurpose: From draping to wrapping, its versatility knows no bounds, making it an essential tool for various applications.
    • Recycled Content: With a commitment to sustainability, this product contains recycled content, reducing waste and environmental impact.
    • Handling & Storage: Designed for your convenience, it's effortless to handle and store, ensuring readiness whenever needed.


    Ideal for use in construction, renovations, or transportation, the PROTEC 500 Gauge Recycled Polythene Sheet excels as a protective barrier. Its reliability ensures the preservation of equipment and furniture, maintaining their quality over time.

    Preserve your valuable assets effortlessly with the PROTEC 500 Gauge Recycled Polythene Sheet. Don't compromise on protection—invest in reliability and convenience today.


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