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PSA PHENOTHRIN-210 (30-Gram-Aero)

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Expiry Date: 27/Jun/2025

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Swiftly combat flying & crawling insects in aircraft. Approved, efficient, non-flammable solution for thorough disinsection.


    Experience the power of PHENOTHRIN-210, a specially formulated insecticide designed for aeronautical use. This 30-gram aerosol presents a non-flammable solution to combat flying and crawling insects within aircraft environments. Backed by international approvals and accreditations, this insecticide ensures a swift and thorough approach to cabin and cargo disinsection.

    Product Description:

    This unique aerosol formulation caters to the specific needs of aircraft environments, effectively targeting a range of flying and crawling insects such as Musca Domestica, Aedes Aegypti, and Anophele Stephensi. Engineered to achieve rapid results, this insecticide delivers total insect mortality in under 3 minutes, accompanied by a knock-down effect.

    Key Features:

    • Specially formulated insecticide for aircraft use Swift and efficient results against flying and crawling insects
    • Compliant with International Health Regulations and WHO recommendations
    • Non-flammable aerosol formula
    • Dry diffusion technology for maximum efficacy
    • Easy-to-use aerosol with one-shot or multi-shot nozzle options
    • Available in various sizes to suit different volume requirements


    • PHENOTHRIN-210 is your go-to solution for: Disinsection of cabin, cockpit, and cargo holds
    • Safe use in confined spaces Following WHO recommended disinsection procedures at "top of descent" or "blocks aways"
    • Approvals and Accreditations:
    • Bio-efficacy tested: TEC laboratory report N°1137b/0906R
    • Compatible with aircraft materials: AMS 1450 A - BOEING D6-7127
    • Referenced on Airbus Consumable Material List: CML 14-010
    • Registered with the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE)
    • Application underway for EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012 authorization

    Active Ingredients:

    The active ingredient, 1R-trans phenothrin, has been assessed by the W.H.O. as part of the IPCS. It's approved for use as product type 18 under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012.


    PHENOTHRIN-210 offers two application options:

    • "Multi-shot" Aerosol: Press the diffuser and walk through while holding the aerosol vertically until empty.
    • Composition and Characteristics: PHENOTHRIN-210 is a colourless to slightly yellow liquid with a characteristic peach fragrance. It's non-flammable and comes in a recyclable aluminium can with a high resistance to pressure.

    Storage and Shelf Life:

    Store in the original container away from heat. Enjoy a shelf life of 4 years, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its specialized formulation, adherence to regulations, and proven efficacy make it a trusted solution for aircraft disinsection. Trust in PSA to elevate your aircraft's insect control measures with precision and quality in mind.


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