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MICROLITE-AA-1.2PCF-3/8 (1-Roll)

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MICROLITE-AA-1.2PCF-3/8 (1-Roll) MICROLITE-AA-1.2PCF-3/8 (1-Roll)
MICROLITE-AA-1.2PCF-3/8 (1-Roll)
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Introducing Microlite AA Blankets: the ultimate aerospace insulation solution. Lightweight, flexible, and flame-resistant, they excel in controlling heat and sound transmission. Crafted with a phenolic binder, they ensure dimensional stability and resist high-altitude moisture. Ideal for commercial and private aircraft fuselage wall cavities, enhancing comfort and safety during flight.


    Microlite AA Blankets offer a cutting-edge solution for aerospace insulation needs. Lightweight and flexible, these blankets are ideal for applications where saving space and weight is crucial. Crafted with a water-repellent thermosetting phenolic binder, they ensure flame resistance and dimensional stability.

    Key features:

    • Lightweight & Flexible: Perfect for aerospace applications prioritizing weight savings.
    • Thermal & Acoustical Insulation: Provides superior performance in controlling heat and sound transmission.
    • Phenolic Binder: Ensures flame resistance, non-punking, and dimensional stability.
    • Moisture Resistance: Additive option for areas prone to high-altitude moisture condensation.
    • High Temperature Range: Suitable for environments up to 450°F.


    Formed from resin-bonded borosilicate 902 biosoluble glass fibers, Microlite AA Blankets excel in insulating fuselage wall cavities of both commercial and private aircraft. They effectively control thermal and acoustic transmission, enhancing overall comfort and safety during flight.

    For aerospace projects demanding top-notch insulation performance without sacrificing weight or space, Microlite AA Blankets are the go-to choice.


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