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Tygavac Advanced Materials Ltd WL7400/002,LFT (60-Inch-Roll)

$2178.72 excl VAT
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Introducing WL7400/002, LFT (60-Inch Roll): a resilient solution for high-performance projects. Crafted from heat-stabilized nylon film, it offers exceptional elongation and durability up to 400°F. With vibrant green visibility, it's ideal for aircraft interior paneling and protective coverings.


    Experience superior performance and durability with the WL7400/002, LFT (60-Inch Roll). Crafted from heat-stabilized nylon film, this product boasts exceptional elongation properties, making it ideal for applications requiring cure temperatures up to 400°F. Its nylon composition ensures reliability and longevity, while the vibrant green color adds visibility and aesthetic appeal to your projects.

    Key features:

    • High Elongation: Enjoy flexibility and resilience with the WL7400's impressive elongation capabilities, ensuring it can withstand various stresses and strains.
    • Heat-Stabilized Nylon: Built to endure high temperatures, this nylon film maintains its integrity and performance even in demanding environments.
    • Indefinite Shelf Life: With no expiration date, you can stock up on this product without worrying about degradation over time.


    The WL7400/002, LFT (60-Inch Roll) is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications in the aircraft industry. From interior paneling to protective coverings, this heat-stabilized nylon film excels in providing strength, flexibility, and thermal resistance.

    Upgrade your aircraft projects with the WL7400/002, LFT (60-Inch Roll) today.


    Technical Specifications
    Tygavac Advanced Materials Ltd


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