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HEXFORCE G0806 7 1000

$370.13 excl VAT ($444.16 incl VAT)
Ordered on request
CARBON CLOTH (1M WIDTH X 5 MTR LENGTH) - Sold in Multiples of 5 Square Meters (SQM)


Hexcel’s carbon fiber reinforcements are widely qualified by all major aircraft manufacturers - in both dry and prepreg form. These fabrics use fibers that are produced under stringently controlled conditions, extensive testing and documentation. Industrial carbon fabrics utilize many of the same carbon fibers that have been produced with less extensive testing and documentation. Standard Modulus carbon fiber, supplied to the commercial market, yields typical minimum property values of 530 KSI (3,650 MPa) for tensile strength and 34 MSI (234 GPa) for tensile modulus. Higher performance carbon fabrics with increased tensile and modulus properties are available from Hexcel including IM2 industrial intermediate modulus fiber and HM63 industrial high modulus fiber.


Technical Specifications
Hexcel Composites Ltd


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