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Textile Products Inc. BMS9-8-3K70P/42

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Introducing the BMS9-8-3K70P/42 from Textile Products Inc., a top-tier reinforcement fabric ideal for Aerospace, Industrial, and Wind Energy applications. Part of the HexForce® range, it delivers superior strength and stiffness, ensuring exceptional structural performance. Certified for various industry standards, it offers versatility in weave styles and resilience in diverse environmental conditions. Perfect for aircraft, industrial reinforcements, and wind turbine blades, it guarantees durability and efficiency.


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Textile Products Inc.
Textile Products Inc.
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    The BMS9-8-3K70P/42 from Textile Products Inc. is a high-performance reinforcement fabric, specifically formulated for demanding Aerospace, Industrial, and Wind Energy applications. Part of the renowned HexForce woven fabric range, it provides exceptional strength and stiffness across various directions, making it an ideal choice for structural applications where mechanical properties and durability are paramount.

    Key features:

    • Versatile Weave Styles: The HexForce woven fabric range offers a comprehensive selection of weave styles, fibers, and areal weights. This versatility ensures that the fabric can meet specific mechanical properties, visual aesthetics, and resin impregnation requirements.
    • Certification and Compliance: Selected HexForce reinforcements can be certified to various industry and OEM specifications, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality standards.
    • Shelf Life Stability: Hexcel Seguin Fiberglass Fabric finishes are stable under standard warehouse storage conditions (<65% relative humidity, 50-120°F). Most finishes retain full properties for at least two years, with specific finishes like A1100S requiring usage within six months due to moisture and carbon dioxide sensitivity. The “HT” direct size fabric offers a remarkable shelf life of three years, suitable for high-temperature applications and a variety of resins.
    • Environmental Resilience: The fabric’s durability against environmental factors makes it reliable in different storage conditions, with precautions to prevent high moisture levels and extreme temperature exposures to maintain laminate interface integrity.


    The BMS9-8-3K70P/42 is designed for aerospace, ensuring superior performance and safety in aircraft structures. In the industrial sector, it provides robust reinforcement, enhancing durability and mechanical strength. For wind energy, it supports the construction of wind turbine blades and other components, contributing to efficient energy generation.

    Experience unmatched strength, durability, and compliance with industry standards.



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