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Introducing AIRPREG-PECF6550-T2F2: Precision-engineered epoxy resin prepreg for aircraft radome applications. Crafted with S2-glass fabric, it offers exceptional strength and durability. Tailored for aerospace demands, with recommended curing conditions and storage for optimum results. Don't compromise on quality. Opt for excellence in aerospace technology.


    Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the AIRPREG-PECF6550-T2F2, an epoxy resin prepreg designed specifically for aircraft radome applications. This high-impact solution is engineered to meet the stringent demands of the aerospace industry, delivering exceptional strength and durability.

    Key features:

    • Glass Fabric: Crafted with precision, this prepreg utilizes S2-glass fabric with a US Style of 6580. The fabric boasts a weight of 190 g/m² and features an Atlas 1/7 weave, ensuring optimal structural integrity.
    • Matrix: The matrix consists of a modified epoxy resin, meticulously formulated to enhance performance and longevity in aerospace environments.
    • Curing Conditions: Achieve superior results with recommended curing conditions. Maintain a temperature of 140°C, with a heating rate of 4°C/min, and a curing time of 90 minutes. Apply a curing pressure of 2 bar for optimal results.
    • Storage: Ensure product integrity with proper storage conditions. Store for a maximum of 12 months at -18°C, followed by an additional 20 days at room temperature (20°C/55% rh).


    The AIRPREG-PECF6550-T2F2 is tailor-made for aircraft radome applications, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. Whether you're in the aerospace industry or involved in radome manufacturing, this prepreg is your go-to solution for superior results.

    Don't settle for anything less than excellence. Invest in the future of aerospace technology today.


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