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SOLVENT 95 (TT-N-95B-TYPE1&2) (5-Ltr-Can)

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warningHazardous Material

Introducing Solvent-95 (TT-N-95B-TYPE1&2) by Eurochem, a versatile 5-liter naphtha aliphatic solvent ideal for the aircraft industry. This non-toxic, recyclable, and odorless solvent is perfect for manufacturing organic coatings, cleaning acrylic plastics, and diverse maintenance tasks. Safe for all metals, SOLVENT-95 can be applied via brushing, dipping, or non-atomizing spray methods, offering exceptional cleaning performance. 


    Solvent--95 (TT-N-95B-TYPE1&2) by Eurochem stands out in the aircraft industry for manufacturing organic coatings, cleaning acrylic plastics, and addressing various maintenance needs. This 5-liter can of high-quality naphtha aliphatic solvent offers exceptional performance and versatility.
    Key features:
    • Non-Toxic: Solvent--95 is formulated with a non-toxic composition, ensuring safe usage across various applications.
    • Recyclable: Its recyclable nature makes Solvent--95 an environmentally friendly choice, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
    • Odourless: The solvent is practically odourless, creating a more pleasant and comfortable work environment free from noxious fumes.
    • Safe for All Metals: It is safe for use on a wide range of metals, including aluminum and steel, ensuring versatility and reliability in different maintenance tasks
    Solvent--95 is versatile and can be used in various ways such as brushing, dipping, or non-atomizing spray methods. It is perfect for tasks requiring the removal of tough grime and contaminants, thanks to its powerful cleaning abilities. When using immersion tanks, covering them with a lid minimizes solvent evaporation, ensuring efficient use
    Choose Solvent--95 (TT-N-95B-TYPE1&2) by Eurochem for your aircraft maintenance needs.


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