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RMP Plastics ltd POLYGONE-310-AG (1-USgl-Ctnr)

AERO P/N: 112273
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Expiry Date: 01/Feb/2025
$394.00 excl VAT
Introducing Polygone 310-AG Polysulphide Remover: Revolutionize aircraft maintenance with our industrial-grade solution. Engineered for aviation standards, this professional-grade formula swiftly eliminates stubborn residues, ensuring unparalleled efficiency. 
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RMP Plastics ltd
RMP Plastics ltd
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    Polygone 310-AG Polysulphide Remover is a game-changer for aircraft and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) companies, offering unparalleled efficiency in a convenient 1-US Gallon container. Designed with industrial-grade precision, this professional-grade solution swiftly and safely eliminates stubborn polysulphide residues from various surfaces.
    Key features:
    • Aviation Grade Performance: Polygone 310-AG is engineered to meet the demanding standards of the aviation industry, ensuring reliable performance on a variety of surfaces.
    • Effective Sealant Emulsifier: This proprietary formulation penetrates, breaks down, and emulsifies tenacious sealants, making removal effortless and efficient.
    • Versatile Application: Suitable for use at room temperature (68°F-80°F), Polygone 310-AG can be further enhanced with gentle agitation or heat (up to 120ºF/49ºC) for superior results.
    • Safe and Easy to Use: With proper ventilation and containment, Polygone 310-AG provides a safe and user-friendly solution for sealant removal tasks.

    Polygone 310-AG is ideal for removing polysulfide and other sealants commonly found in aviation applications. Whether it's cleaning aircraft surfaces or preparing for maintenance procedures, this high-performance emulsifier delivers exceptional results. For optimal performance, ensure adequate ventilation and containment to prevent product evaporation.

    Experience the efficiency and reliability of Polygone 310-AG for yourself. Order now and elevate your aircraft maintenance processes with Polygone 310-AG Polysulphide Remover.


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