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LOCTITE-7200 (400-ml-Aero)

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Simplify aircraft maintenance with LOCTITE-7200. Efficiently soften and remove cured gaskets for impeccable flange care.


    Manufactured by Henkel, a trusted name in industrial solutions, this powerful aerosol cleaner is specifically designed to simplify the process of removing cured chemical gaskets from metal flanges. Tailored to meet the demands of the aftermarket aircraft industry, LOCTITE-7200 is a game-changer for maintaining aircraft components.

    Product Description:

    This solvent-based solution combines a mixture of aliphatic glycol ethers, hydrocarbons, surfactants, and methyl/ethyl ketones to create a potent formula that effectively softens and loosens cured chemical gaskets. The result is a highly efficient gasket removal process that eliminates the need for excessive scraping, minimizing the risk of flange surface damage.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced Technology: LOCTITE-7200 is a solvent-based cleaner that excels in softening cured chemical gaskets on metal flanges, making removal hassle-free.
    • Foam-Like Application: Once applied, the product develops a foam-like layer on the gasket, ensuring it stays in place without running, even on vertical surfaces.
    • No CFCs: LOCTITE-7200 is environmentally conscious, formulated without harmful CFCs, making it a responsible choice for aircraft maintenance.

    Versatile Applications:

    LOCTITE-7200 is more than a gasket remover; it's a versatile solution for various cleaning needs. It aids in the removal of adhesives, grease, oil, carbon deposits, paint, varnish, and more from metal flanges or surfaces. Its remarkable performance extends to a range of substances, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience.

    Application Instructions:

    • Protective Measures: Shield painted surfaces from overspray, as the product can damage paint.
    • Spray Application: Hold the can upright, spray onto the gasket area or surface from 20 to 30 cm away. A heavier coat ensures better results.
    • Softening Process: Allow 10 to 15 minutes for gasket softening; for silicone gaskets, extend this to 30 minutes.
    • Effective Removal: Use a soft scraper to remove the softened gasket, wiping the flange or surface clean. Repeat if needed.
    • Preparation for New Gasketing: Before applying new gasket material, ensure flange or surface cleanliness using appropriate solvents like Loctite® 7063™.

    LOCTITE-7200 Chisel Gasket Remover transforms gasket removal into a seamless process, redefining efficiency and effectiveness. Trust in Henkel's expertise to elevate your aircraft maintenance with a product that offers easy application, remarkable results, and responsible cleaning.


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