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ARDROX-6333A (25-Ltr-Ctnr)

$407.77 excl VAT
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Introducing Ardrox 6333A: an aqueous-based powerhouse for aerospace cleaning. Formulated with multi-metal compatibility and low foaming properties, it efficiently removes oils and greases from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ideal for spray and immersion, it's a must-have for aerospace manufacturing.


    Ardrox 6333A is a powerful aqueous-based liquid concentrate designed for efficient cleaning in the aerospace industry. Its versatile formula comprises alkali builders, sequestrants, corrosion inhibitors, and biodegradable surfactants. Suitable for spray washing machines, tank immersion, or pressure spraying, this cleaner effectively removes oils, greases, and various production soils from ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, titanium, and magnesium.
    Key features:
    • Multi-Metal Compatibility: Ardrox 6333A is formulated to clean a range of metals, including ferrous materials, making it a versatile solution for diverse aerospace applications.
    • Low Foaming Properties: Ideal for spray applications, this cleaner minimizes foam formation, ensuring efficient cleaning without compromising performance.
    • Sequestrants for Scale Reduction: With sequestrants that reduce scale from hard water salts, Ardrox 6333A helps maintain equipment integrity and prolong service life.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Free from EDTA-type chelates, this cleaner is environmentally responsible, minimizing its impact on wastewater treatment systems.
    Ardrox 6333A excels in various aerospace cleaning tasks, including pre-treatment processes for new parts manufacturing and the removal of stubborn soils prior to conversion coating. Its effectiveness in both spray and immersion applications makes it an essential component in maintaining cleanliness and quality in aerospace manufacturing environments.
    Experience the unmatched cleaning power of Ardrox 6333A for your aerospace applications today. 


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