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ARDROX-1900D (25-Ltr-Drum)

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Expiry Date: 28/Feb/2027
Introducing Ardrox® 1900 D: The ultimate aircraft cleaning solution. With thixotropic alkaline power, it conquers exterior and interior grime, preserving aircraft integrity. Biodegradable, it meets environmental standards while offering heavy-duty cleaning and corrosion protection. Trust in Ardrox® 1900 D for pristine aircraft maintenance.


    Discover Ardrox 1900 D, the cutting-edge solution for efficient aircraft cleaning and maintenance. Crafted as a thixotropic alkaline cleaner, this powerhouse formula excels in both exterior and interior cleaning, ensuring pristine aircraft surfaces and equipment. With its biodegradable surfactants, alkaline additives, and corrosion inhibitors, Ardrox 1900 D not only delivers superior cleaning performance but also aligns with environmental standards, making it the go-to choice for responsible aviation maintenance.

    Key features:

    • Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Ardrox 1900 D tackles tough grime and contaminants on various aircraft surfaces, including gear wells, flaps, nacelles, exhaust tracks, and thrust reversers.
    • Flexible Application: Whether for general wet washing or heavy-duty cleaning, Ardrox 1900 D adapts effortlessly to different cleaning needs.
    • Thixotropic Properties: Its thixotropic nature ensures optimal clinging to vertical surfaces, enhancing cleaning efficiency and minimising product waste.
    • Biodegradable Formula: With biodegradable surfactants, Ardrox 1900 D prioritises environmental responsibility without compromising performance.
    • Corrosion Inhibition: Contains corrosion inhibitors to safeguard aircraft surfaces during cleaning, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining structural integrity.


    For aircraft exterior washing, use Ardrox 1900 D diluted for general cleaning or undiluted for tough stains. It also serves as a powerful decarboniser for engines and components, enhancing performance and durability. Beyond aircraft, it's useful for maintaining ground handling equipment, providing complete maintenance solutions.

    Trust in its powerful cleaning capabilities, environmentally conscious formula, and versatile applications to keep your aircraft fleet in top condition.


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