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Panolam Industries 5100T.030-60144 (1-Sht)

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Introducing the Conolite® 5100T Series: premium-grade cargo liners by Panolam Industries, engineered for today’s commercial airlines. With low smoke and toxicity, high strength, and FAA compliance, they ensure safety and durability. Perfect for enhancing aircraft safety and meeting aviation standards.
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    The Conolite 5100T Series by Panolam Industries is a premium-grade cargo liner designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s commercial airlines. Engineered with low smoke and low toxicity fiberglass reinforced phenolic, the Conolite 5100T Series ensures both safety and durability. These laminates are manufactured in strict compliance with all current FAA requirements, making them the ideal choice for aviation applications.

    Key features:

    • Low Smoke and Low Toxicity: Conolite 5100T laminates are specially formulated to produce minimal smoke and toxicity in the event of a fire, significantly enhancing passenger and crew safety.
    • High Strength and Lightweight: These cargo liners offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, providing robust protection without adding unnecessary weight to the aircraft.
    • FAA Compliant: Manufactured to meet all current FAA requirements, Conolite 5100T laminates also adhere to stringent OEM specifications, ensuring they are approved for use in a wide range of commercial aircraft.
    • Material Specifications: These laminates exceed industry standards, meeting Boeing BMS 8-223, Class 2, Grade B and Douglas DMS 2419, Class 1 specifications.


    The Conolite 5100T Series is perfect for use in commercial airline cargo areas where safety, weight efficiency, and durability are critical. These cargo liners provide an optimal solution for airlines looking to enhance their aircraft’s safety features while maintaining compliance with aviation standards.

    Upgrade your aircraft with the Panolam Industries 5100T.030-60144 (1-Sht) cargo liners and experience the perfect blend of safety, strength, and lightweight efficiency. 


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