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Momentive SRC18 (16-Gram-Btl)

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Expiry Date: 11/Sep/2027

warningHazardous Material

Introducing SRC18 Silicone Catalyst, the key to unlocking SILGRIP® silicone pressure sensitive adhesives' full potential. This amino alkoxy silane liquid offers efficient condensation cure, ensuring robust performance in bonding and laminating. With room and elevated temperature cure options, enhanced bonding, and 99.4% purity, SRC18 guarantees consistent quality.


    Unlock the full potential of Silgrip silicone pressure sensitive adhesives with the SRC18 Silicone Catalyst. This amino alkoxy silane liquid is a game-changer for bonding and laminating applications, offering efficient condensation cure and robust performance.

    Key features:

    • Room and Elevated Temperature Cure: Versatility meets efficiency with the ability to cure at room temperature or with accelerated results at elevated temperatures, ensuring optimal bonding strength.
    •  Enhanced Bonding: Compatible with all grades of SILGRIP® silicone pressure sensitive adhesives, SRC18 excels in promoting adhesion, ensuring reliable bonds in various applications.
    •  Quality Assurance: With a purity of 99.4%, SRC18 guarantees consistent performance, meeting stringent quality standards for peace of mind in your projects.


    SRC18 is tailor-made for laminating and bonding applications, particularly recommended for use with PSA529 and PSA6573A adhesives. However, it's important to note that it's not suitable for making pressure sensitive adhesive tapes due to its ongoing reaction with the polymer over time.

    Elevate your bonding applications with SRC18 Silicone Catalyst today. Experience enhanced adhesion, efficient curing, and peace of mind with Momentive Performance Materials' trusted quality.


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