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Introducing PERMABOND® 910, the ultimate adhesive solution for precise and swift metal bonding. With exceptional adhesion to steel, aluminum, and more, it's perfect for workshops and manufacturing. Its rapid 10-second cure time and easy application streamline processes, while its versatility serves metal fabrication, automotive repair, electronics assembly, and maintenance needs seamlessly.


    Looking for a reliable adhesive that bonds metal surfaces with precision and speed? Look no further than Permabond 910. As the original 100%-methyl cyanoacrylate adhesive, it boasts a host of features that make it an essential tool in any workshop or manufacturing environment.

    Key features:

    • Excellent Adhesion: Designed specifically for metal surfaces, Permabond 910 delivers outstanding bond strength to steel, aluminum, and most metal surfaces. It also adheres well to plastics and rubbers.
    • Fast Cure: With a rapid cure time of just 10 seconds on most surfaces, Permabond 910 ensures swift assembly and minimal downtime.
    • Easy Application: Its low viscosity liquid form makes it easy to apply and dispense, simplifying the bonding process.
    • No Mixing Required: As a single-part adhesive, there's no need for cumbersome mixing, streamlining your workflow.


    PERMABOND® 910 finds extensive utility across multiple domains, encompassing metal fabrication, automotive repair, electronics assembly, and general maintenance. In metal fabrication, it excels in bonding metal components, guaranteeing steadfast and enduring joints. Automotive repair tasks benefit from its robustness and rapid adhesion, be it for repairing metal parts or securing crucial components. Its adaptability extends to electronics assembly, where it ensures dependable bonds between metal elements within devices and equipment.

    Upgrade your bonding solutions with Permabond 910 today and experience the unparalleled strength and efficiency it offers. Say goodbye to lengthy cure times and unreliable bonds – choose Permabond 910 for your next project.


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