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MAGNOBOND-550 (1-Usqt-Can)

$213.83 excl VAT
Stock expected: 07 Jun 2024Stock location: UK
Introducing Magnobond-550, a cutting-edge epoxy resin curing agent by Magnolia Advanced Materials, Inc. Engineered for efficiency, it offers rapid curing in just 2 hours at 220-240°F.  Enjoy extended pot life for complex applications. Ideal for aerospace bonding, fabrication, and encapsulation. Elevate your aircraft manufacturing with Magnobond-550.


    Magnobond-550 is a cutting-edge curing agent meticulously crafted by Magnolia Advanced Materials, Inc. to enhance the performance and versatility of epoxy resins. Engineered with precision in mind, this curing agent offers a comprehensive range of properties, setting a new standard in the industry.
    Key features:
    • Cure Schedule: Designed for efficiency, Magnobond-550 boasts a cure schedule of 2 hours at 220-240°F followed by 2 hours at 280-300°F, ensuring rapid and reliable results.
    • Optimal Mix Ratio: With a mix ratio of 100:86 (parts per hundred resin), this curing agent ensures precise blending with epoxy resins, guaranteeing consistent and predictable outcomes.
    • Extended Pot Life: Enjoy the convenience of extended work time with Magnobond-550, offering over 2 days of pot life with 3 ounces at room temperature, enabling complex applications without the rush.
    Magnobond-550 is ideally suited for a myriad of applications in the aircraft industry and beyond. From structural bonding and composite fabrication to laminating and encapsulation, its superior properties make it a preferred choice for demanding aerospace applications where strength, durability, and precision are paramount
    Experience the difference with Magnobond-550 and elevate your aircraft manufacturing processes to new heights.


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