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Introducing Loctite Initiator No. 1: the solvent-free solution for immediate bonding in the aircraft industry. With versatile application methods and minimal waste, this 35ml bottle ensures efficient adhesive initiation. Perfect for bonding structural components, securing composite materials, and enhancing adhesive performance.


    Loctite Initiator No. 1 simplifies the bonding process with its solvent-free formulation, allowing for immediate bonding after application. This 35ml bottle offers a convenient solution for aircraft industry professionals seeking efficient and reliable adhesive initiation
    Key features:
    • Solvent-Free Formulation: Loctite Initiator No. 1 eliminates drying time, enabling immediate bonding upon application.
    • Versatile Application: Easily apply the initiator via spraying, brushing, or wiping onto parts, whether manually or with dispensing equipment.
    • Minimal Waste: A thin, even coating ensures optimal bond strength without excess initiator, reducing material waste.
    • Cleanup Convenience: Unreacted initiator can be cleaned up using common solvents such as acetone, alcohol, or MEK.
    Loctite Initiator No. 1 is essential for a range of aircraft industry needs, such as bonding structural components during assembly, securing composite materials in aerospace engineering, and improving adhesive performance for maintenance and repair tasks.
    Elevate your aircraft manufacturing and maintenance processes with Loctite Initiator No. 1. Experience immediate bonding, minimal waste, and long-lasting reliability for your adhesive applications


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