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LOCTITE-680 (50-ml-Btl)

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Expiry Date: 31/Jan/2025
Introducing LOCTITE® 680™: Your go-to solution for secure bonding of cylindrical fitting parts. With its acrylic technology, versatile compatibility, high temperature resistance, and oil tolerance, it ensures robust performance in various applications. Ideal for machinery, automotive, and industrial assembly, it guarantees reliability and leak-free results. Try LOCTITE® 680™ today for unmatched bonding strength and durability.


    If you're in search of a dependable bonding solution for cylindrical fitting parts, look no further than Loctite 680. This one-component acrylic adhesive is engineered with precision to offer robust performance in various applications, ensuring your assemblies stay securely fastened even under challenging conditions.

    Key Features:

    • Acrylic Technology: Harnessing the power of methacrylate ester, Loctite 680 delivers exceptional bonding strength and durability.
    • Versatile Compatibility: From mild steel to stainless steel and plated surfaces, Loctite 680 exhibits excellent adhesion on both active and passive substrates.
    • High Temperature Performance: Engineered to withstand elevated temperatures, this adhesive ensures consistent performance even in demanding environments.
    • Oil Tolerance: Designed to tolerate minor surface contaminations from various oils, including cutting, lubrication, anti-corrosion, and protection fluids, ensuring optimal bonding integrity.


    Loctite 680 is specifically formulated for retaining applications where low viscosity and high strength are paramount. Whether you're assembling machinery components, automotive parts, or industrial equipment, this adhesive provides the reliability you need to keep your assemblies secure and leak-free.

    Experience the unparalleled bonding performance of Loctite 680 for yourself. Trust in its robust curing capabilities and versatile compatibility to elevate the integrity of your assemblies. Secure your supply of Loctite 680 today and unlock a new level of reliability in your bonding applications.


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