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LOCTITE-638 (50-ml-Btl)

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Expiry Date: 13/Sep/2025
Introducing LOCTITE® 638™: the ultimate solution for industrial bonding needs. With acrylic technology and urethane methacrylate chemistry, it offers high strength and reliability, especially for tight tolerances. Its green liquid formulation and UV fluorescence ensure easy application and inspection. Ideal for locking, securing, and sealing in demanding environments. Try LOCTITE® 638™ today for superior performance and efficiency in your assembly processes.


    Loctite 638 offers exceptional bonding capabilities, especially for cylindrical fitting parts, where tight tolerances are critical. Its acrylic technology coupled with urethane methacrylate chemistry ensures high strength and reliable performance. The green liquid formulation with positive fluorescence under UV light makes application and inspection convenient.

    Key features:

    • Acrylic Technology: Provides high strength bonding suitable for cylindrical fitting parts.
    •  Anaerobic Cure: Cures in the absence of air, ideal for confined spaces between metal surfaces.
    •  High Viscosity: Ensures gap filling properties, particularly for bond gaps up to 0.25mm.
    •  Activator for Secondary Cure: Enhances curing speed, ensuring efficient assembly.


    Loctite 638 is crucial for multiple industrial tasks, such as locking bushings and sleeves into housings, securing components on shafts, and ensuring leak-proof seals in high-stress environments.

    Experience the power of Loctite 638 for your bonding needs. Ensure maximum strength, reliability, and leak-proof seals with this advanced acrylic adhesive. Trust Loctite for superior performance in demanding industrial environments. Try Loctite 638 today and elevate your assembly processes to new heights of efficiency and durability.


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