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LOCTITE-415 (20-ml-Btl)

$62.30 excl VAT
19 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 03/Nov/2024
Introducing LOCTITE® 415™: a clear, high-viscosity adhesive powered by cyanoacrylate technology. With effortless one-part application and compatibility with metals, rubbers, and plastics, it offers seamless, durable bonding. Ideal for industrial, automotive, and household use. Elevate your projects with LOCTITE® 415™ today!


    Loctite 415 is a versatile adhesive that exceeds expectations with its cyanoacrylate technology and high viscosity. With its one-part composition, there's no hassle of mixing, making it incredibly convenient for various applications. Its clear colorless appearance ensures seamless bonding while its compatibility with metals, rubbers, and plastics broadens its utility.

    Key features:

    • Appearance: Clear colorless liquid, ensuring inconspicuous bonds.
    • Viscosity: High, ensuring stability in various conditions.
    • Cure: Activated by humidity, offering efficient bonding.
    • Application: Versatile bonding solution suitable for metals, rubbers, and plastics.


    Loctite 415 finds versatile applications across different sectors, excelling in metal bonding by providing exceptional adhesion to metal substrates. Additionally, it proves highly effective in bonding rubber and plastic materials, ensuring strong and durable connections. Its utility extends to various industrial, automotive, and household settings, where dependable bonding is essential, making it an ideal choice for general-purpose applications.

    Experience the reliability and versatility of Loctite 415 for all your bonding needs. Whether it's metal, rubber, or plastic, trust Loctite to deliver strong, durable bonds. Elevate your projects with Loctite 415 today!


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