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LOCTITE-266 (50-ml-Btl)

$98.47 excl VAT
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Introducing LOCTITE® 266™: the pinnacle of threadlocking technology. With its acrylic-based formulation and dimethacrylate ester, it offers unparalleled strength for heavy-duty tasks. Its red-orange hue and UV fluorescence ensure easy application and inspection. Perfect for critical assemblies in industries like construction and transportation. Say hello to steadfast fastening with LOCTITE® 266™.


    Loctite 266 is a standout performer in the realm of threadlocking materials. Crafted with advanced acrylic technology and fortified with dimethacrylate ester, it offers robust characteristics ideal for heavy-duty applications. Its red-orange opaque liquid appearance signifies its potency, while its positive fluorescence under UV light ensures easy identification during application.

    Key Features:

    • Technology: Acrylic-based formulation ensures superior performance.
    • Appearance: Red-orange opaque liquid with dispersed pigment or filler, facilitating easy application.
    • Fluorescence: Positive under UV light, aiding in precise application and inspection.
    • Strength: Offers high strength, vital for heavy-duty tasks.


    Loctite 266 excels in scenarios demanding exceptional strength, resistance to shock, vibration, and exposure to elevated temperatures. It finds its niche in critical assemblies like transmissions, construction equipment, or railroad fixtures, where steadfast fastening is paramount. Its surface insensitivity and tolerance towards mild surface contaminants make it versatile across various industrial settings.

    Elevate your assembly processes with Loctite 266. Experience unparalleled strength and reliability, ensuring your critical fasteners stay securely in place, even under the most demanding conditions. Say goodbye to loosening and leakage woes with this high-performance threadlocking solution. Choose Loctite 266 for steadfast bonding and peace of mind in your heavy-duty applications.


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