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EPOCAST1633-A/B (50-ml-Dkit)

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Expiry Date: 11/Dec/2023

warningHazardous Material

RESIN / HARDENER (50-ml-Duokit)


Epocast 1633 is a quick setting, self-extinguishing, two component, halogen-free, syntactic paste. This material is well suited for potting fasteners in honeycomb structures. The epoxy syntactic is easily extruded through the nozzle, but the material becomes non-flowing after applying. Epocast 1633 A/B is available in dual-barrel cartridges making it easy to handle in isolated repair areas and it will quickly set at room temperature. Part A resin is light blue in color and Part B hardener is an off-white color. Once thoroughly mixed together Epocast 1633 A/B will be light blue in color. The viscosity of 10 grams at 25 degrees Celsius is a paste and the density is .73 g/cc per ASTM-D-792. Mix ratio is 100 parts of Part A resin to 50 parts by weight of Part B hardener. It is recommended to stir thoroughly for one minute making sure the material is properly mixed. Epocast 1633 will cure in 3 days at room temperature or gel at room temperature plus 5 hours at 49 degrees Celsius. If the cure time needs to be accelerated, this product can also gel at room temperature plus 2 hours at 66 degrees Celsius.


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