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Huntsman EPOCAST1619-A/B (1-Usqt-Kit)

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Expiry Date: 03/Sep/2024

warningHazardous Material

Introducing Huntsman Epocast 1619 A/B epoxy syntactic, a high-performance, low-density, flame-retardant compound designed for potting fasteners in honeycomb structures. Ideal for aerospace, it offers durability, chemical resistance, and versatility, ensuring safety and efficiency in aircraft components.


    Huntsman Epocast 1619 A/B epoxy syntactic is a high-performance, low-density flame-retardant compound specifically designed for potting fasteners in honeycomb structures. This advanced epoxy offers excellent durability and reliability, meeting the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry.

    Key features:
    • Low Density: The lightweight nature of Epocast 1619 A/B ensures minimal additional weight to aircraft components, which is crucial for maintaining efficiency and performance.
    • Flame Retardant: Safety is paramount in aerospace applications, and this epoxy provides superior flame retardant properties, contributing to overall aircraft safety.
    • Versatile Application: Epocast 1619 A/B can be easily poured or extruded through a 1/8 inch (3mm) nozzle orifice, making it adaptable to various application methods and ensuring precision in use.
    • Chemical Resistance: This epoxy is resistant to water, fungus, and most aircraft fluids, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability under harsh environmental conditions.
    Epocast 1619 A/B is ideal for potting fasteners in honeycomb structures, which are commonly used in aircraft interior panels, floors, and other structural components. Its flame retardant and low-density properties make it perfect for use in environments where safety and weight reduction are critical. 
    Enhance the safety and performance of your aircraft components with Huntsman Epocast 1619 A/B.  


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