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Loctite EA956-A/B (1-Usqt-Kit)

$485.77 excl VAT
Stock expected: 31 May 2024Stock location: UK
Introducing Loctite EA 956 AERO, a high-performance, two-component adhesive designed for the aircraft industry. It provides strong bonds at elevated temperatures and cures at room temperature, ideal for repairs. With low viscosity, it easily penetrates cracks, perfect for laminating, injection, and coating tasks.


    Loctite EA 956 AERO is a high-performance, two-component adhesive designed for the demanding needs of the aircraft industry. This adhesive excels in providing strong bonds at elevated temperatures, ensuring durability and reliability in critical applications. Its unique formulation allows it to cure at room temperature, making it highly convenient for various repair tasks.
    Key features:
    • Two-Component System: Loctite EA 956 AERO consists of two parts that, when mixed, create a robust adhesive capable of withstanding high stress and temperature variations. This ensures a secure and long-lasting bond for your aircraft components.
    • Low Viscosity: The adhesive's low viscosity makes it easy to apply and ensures thorough penetration into cracks and crevices. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for laminating, injection, and coating processes, providing a seamless and uniform application.
    • Ideal for Repair: Specifically designed for repair applications, Loctite EA 956 AERO is perfect for patching up damaged areas, reinforcing structural components, and performing maintenance tasks.

    Loctite EA 956 AERO is perfectly suited for a range of applications within the aircraft industry. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or emergency repairs, this adhesive provides reliable performance. Its ability to cure at room temperature and its low viscosity make it ideal for laminating, injecting into tight spaces, and coating surfaces to restore integrity and strength. 
    Enhance your repair and maintenance capabilities with Loctite EA 956 AERO.


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