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Expiry Date: 30/Oct/2024

warningHazardous Material

Introducing CONTACT-SPRAY-ADHESIVE-86593: the ultimate adhesive solution for speed and durability. With its fast aggressive tack and extended bond time, this 500ml aerosol is perfect for various applications. Enjoy high initial grab, versatile bonding, clean application, and eco-friendly formulation. Upgrade your adhesive game today!


    Looking for a reliable adhesive solution that offers both speed and durability? Look no further than our Contact-spray-adhesive-86593. This 500ml aerosol packs a punch with its fast aggressive tack and extended bond time, making it perfect for various applications.

    Key features:

    • High Initial Grab: Say goodbye to the hassle of clamping trims. Our spray adhesive boasts a high initial grab, ensuring quick and efficient bonding without the need for extra tools.
    •  Versatile Bonding: From upholstery to rigid foam, cloth to metal, and even insulation foam to wood, our adhesive handles a wide range of lightweight materials with ease.
    •  Clean and Easy Application: No more dealing with excessive over spraying. Our adhesive offers a clean and easy application process, ensuring minimal mess and maximum efficiency.
    •  Environmentally Friendly: Free from chlorinated solvents, our low hazard formulation prioritizes safety without compromising on performance.


    Our Contact-spray-adhesive86593 is perfect for large surface lamination assemblies. Whether you're bonding upholstery to rigid foam, cloth to metal, or insulation foam to wood, our versatile adhesive delivers reliable results every time. Always conduct a small surface compatibility test prior to application for optimal results.

    Upgrade your adhesive game with Contact-spray-adhesive-86593 today. Experience the perfect balance of speed, durability, and versatility for all your bonding needs. Order now and see the difference for yourself!


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