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ARALDITE-HV953U (800-Gram-Tin)

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Expiry Date: 15/Dec/2028

warningHazardous Material

HARDENER (800-Gram-Tin)


Product Overview:

Araldite® AW 106 / Hardener HV 953 U is your reliable companion for achieving robust and durable bonds.

This adhesive offers a host of key properties that set it apart:

  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, rigid plastics, and more.
  • Long working life: Allows for meticulous assembly without the rush, ensuring precision in your projects.
  • Low shrinkage: Ensures that your bonded joints remain stable and secure over time.
  • Good resistance to dynamic loading: Withstand the rigors of dynamic forces in demanding applications.
  • Room temperature curing: Provides convenience and flexibility in your bonding processes.


Store Araldite® AW 106 and Hardener HV 953 U in sealed containers, and they can maintain their quality for up to 6 years. Always refer to the expiry date indicated on the label.

Handling Precautions:

When handling these products, take standard precautions as you would with chemicals. Avoid contact with food, and use impervious rubber or plastic gloves and eye protection. Cleanse skin thoroughly with soap and warm water after working. Adequate ventilation in your workspace is recommended.


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