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Loctite Ablestik 60L 2-310 Epoxy Adhesive Kit

$555.21 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 30/Jan/2025

warningHazardous Material

Introducing Ablestik 60L Parts AB, a versatile carbon-filled epoxy adhesive for general-purpose bonding. With excellent thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity, it's perfect for various substrates. Ideal for electronic circuitry, cabinet seals, and waveguide flanges, ensuring reliable bonding in diverse applications.


    Ablestik 60L Parts AB is a reliable carbon-filled epoxy adhesive ideal for general-purpose bonding needs. This adhesive boasts excellent thermal conductivity and adheres well to various substrates. With a bulk resistivity of 50, it ensures effective bonding in diverse scenarios.
    Key features:
    • Low Electrical Conductivity: Designed for applications where precise resistive properties aren't critical.
    • Excellent Thermal Conductivity: Ensures efficient heat transfer, enhancing overall performance.
    • Versatile Bonding: Adheres well to a variety of substrates, making it suitable for a range of applications.
    • Effective Resistance: With a bulk resistivity of 50, it ensures reliable bonding even in electrical applications.
    Ablestik 60L is widely used in electronic circuitry applications where electrical conductivity needs to be maintained, such as in metal-to-metal joints for cabinet seals. It's also employed between adjacent waveguide flanges to absorb or attenuate currents flowing on the surface of conductors.
    Enhance your bonding solutions with Ablestik 60L Parts AB. Whether you're in the aerospace industry or involved in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) activities, this reliable adhesive ensures strong and durable bonds. 


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