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Loctite ABLESTIK-104 (500-Gram-Kit)

$284.71 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 13/Jul/2024

warningHazardous Material

Introducing Loctite Ablestik 104 (500-Gram-Kit): Your solution for extreme temperature resilience. Withstanding up to 230ºC continuously and 280ºC short-term, this epoxy adhesive ensures reliability in the toughest conditions, perfect for various high-temperature applications.


    For those seeking an adhesive that withstands extreme temperatures without compromising performance, look no further than Loctite Ablestik 104 (500-Gram-Kit). This two-part epoxy adhesive redefines durability, boasting exceptional resistance to high temperatures up to 230ºC, with short-term exposures reaching up to 280ºC.
    Key features:
    • High Temperature Resistance: Withstanding continuous exposure at temperatures as high as 230ºC, and tested for short-term exposures up to 280ºC, this adhesive ensures reliability even in the most demanding conditions.
    • Long Pot Life: Offering extended pot life, the Loctite Ablestik 104 facilitates convenient application processes, allowing ample time for precise bonding.
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance: Whether facing harsh industrial chemicals or environmental elements, the Loctite Ablestik 104 remains steadfast, providing peace of mind in various applications.
    • Non-Conductive: Ideal for electrical applications, this adhesive maintains non-conductivity properties, ensuring safety and reliability in electronic assemblies.
    • High Shear Strength: This adhesive delivers high shear strength, promoting secure bonds even in challenging environments.
    Loctite Ablestik 104 is designed for applications requiring very high temperature exposures; its versatility and resilience make it an indispensable asset.
    Upgrade to Loctite Ablestik 104 (500-Gram-Kit) today and witness the difference first-hand.


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