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With over five decades of experience, Zip-Chem specialises in crafting advanced solutions including cleaners, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, sealants, and adhesives for aerospace, military, and airline industries.

Committed to precision chemistry, innovative packaging, and sustainability, we strive to ensure peak performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental stewardship in aviation solutions.

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ZIP-CHEM offers top-tier heat transfer fluids meeting BMS 3-42 standards, optimized for Boeing 787 systems. Non-toxic, it's compatible with GSE-approved packaging and various materials, ensuring reliable aerospace cooling.

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Cleaners designed for large aircraft exteriors, as well as specialized products for parts, glass, degreasing, dry washing, and polishing. Additionally, the selection includes EPA DfE approved cleaners and disinfectants, along with odor neutralizers

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ZIP-CHEM lubricants offer versatile solutions for extreme temperatures, corrosion inhibition, and multi-purpose lubrication needs, including ice prevention and component longevity in diverse applications like aerospace and industrial environments.

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