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As part of the global CRC Industries group, Ambersil leverages extensive chemical industry expertise and worldwide connections to swiftly develop and deliver innovative, rigorously tested products.

Ambersil's stringent quality controls ensure reliable, first-time results, embodying the company's commitment to performance, reliability, and trust.

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Ambersil consumables, featuring eco-friendly formulations, offer versatile solutions like rapid cooling agents for pinpointing electronic faults and protecting components during soldering or calibration, ideal for electronics and more.

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Ambersil cleaning products include globally certified isopropyl alcohol for electronics, an adhesive remover, an anti-static foaming cleaner with a 360° spray, a strong degreaser, and an eco-friendly hydrocarbon soil cleaner, ensuring effective and safe cleaning of delicate surfaces.

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Ambersil lubricants offer high-performance solutions for tough metals and versatile applications, including extreme pressure additives for machining and military-grade silicone grease for insulation and waterproofing in high-voltage and moist environments.

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CRC Industries Europe is a global provider of chemical solutions catering to industrial, automotive, and electrical sectors. They specialize in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of products including cleaners, lubricants, anti-corrosion agents, adhesives, welding supplies, additives, paints, molding compounds, and various specialty items.

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