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Racking Opening Ceremony

Published date: 03 Mar 2023

As part of its expansion drive,  Aerospheres opened its new state-of-the-art racking system this week with a ceremony led by CEO Paul Thompson.

This new system is designed to accommodate barcoding and batch controlling in real time.

With this development, Aerospheres aims to optimize warehouse space utilization to enhance the customer service experience it offers.

Some of the highlights of the efficiencies that will be gained:

  • It is a state-of-the-art variable racking system from SSI – Schaefer
  • A modular design, which can be further expanded or laid in tiers for easy access. (Scalable)
  • The system is laid out with guided rails for two electric stock pickers to continuously work independently of each other. (Quicker picking/packing)
  • The conversion has given a 60% extra capacity to hold inventory.
  • This comes to light with the introduction of a new software and technology incorporating barcoded inventory, organised by the frequency of picking.
  • Overall this has provided Aerospheres with a high flexibility solution permitting a diverse range of products to be stored within the same racking system thus helping our customers with an enhanced customer service experience. 




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