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/ Business Continuity Statement - Nov 2021

Aerospheres (UK) Ltd recognizes the continuing risk from Covid-19, and in line with government guidelines and our own risk assessment, we maintain sensible infection control measures to protect both our employees and visitors. The recent emergence of the Omicron variant has heightened this awareness and we are ready to react accordingly as soon as additional information and guidance is available. In the meantime, visitors are welcome, but, please contact us in advance so that adequate preparations can be made.

Throughout the pandemic, we are proud to have maintained a complete service to all our valued customers. Be assured we remain fully available to support any ongoing requirements via the usual communication routes.

Paul Thompson


/ Business Continuity Statement - Aug 2021

Aerospheres recognizes the continuing risk from Covid 19, and while relaxing some of our previous controls in line with government guidelines, we continue to take sensible infection control measures to protect both our employees and visitors. Therefore, if you wish to visit our facility, please contact us in advance so that adequate preparations can be made. In the meantime, be assured all our business functions continue to work normally and that we are fully available to support all our usual services.

Paul Thompson


/ Business Continuity Statement - Dec 2020

As we approach the end of a difficult year, Aerospheres is pleased to have provided continued support to all our valued customers throughout the Covid crises.

Despite the challenges imposed, we have sustained high levels of inventory and our motivated staff have ensured our reputation for the highest level of service has been fully maintained. With robust supply chains and a secure financial position, you can be assured we will continue this approach as we anticipate an improved situation through 2021.

In the meantime, we continue to operate in a Covid secure environment, where we take the welfare of our staff, visitors, and customers very seriously. With the immediate future still unclear, it is important we maintain our vigilance, but with the anticipated rollout of a vaccine, we are all hoping for some slow return to normality by Q2 of the new year.

The other significant factor is the impact of Brexit as we leave the free trade arrangement on 31st December. While the details of a continued relationship remain to be determined, be assured that Aerospheres has completed due diligence of all the regulatory changes and has a strong and experienced Logistics Team that will ensure the efficient processing of all necessary shipments whatever the outcome.

You can therefore be fully assured that Aerospheres stands ready to be your number one partner in the supply of aerospace consumables. Our success is driven by satisfied customers, so please do not hesitate to contact us whatever your needs.

Paul Thompson


/ Covid Statement

Our customers and our employees are of utmost importance to us and safety for all is our first concern.

We are regularly reviewing and adhering to Government and NHS advice on how the virus can be managed and contained, and we have robust plans in place which we adapt to the latest Government advice as it changes, and the situation continues to evolve.

Our Coronavirus Planning Group is constantly examining how we can limit the impact of the virus and the service we are offering to our customers. We have put in place a series of steps and measures to keep our colleagues safe and allowing us to continue to serve our customers.

  • We are keeping our employees fully informed about steps to take for containment and management on our premises as well as during any customer or supplier site visits.
  • We have rolled out homeworking across the Group for all roles where this is possible.
  • We have implemented social distancing measures at all our locations in line with Government guidelines.
  • We have implemented increased hygiene measures at all our locations and sourced relevant hygiene equipment and materials as recommended by Government guidelines.

Any employee who is experiencing coronavirus symptoms or is required to isolate under Government guidelines for any other reason, has been instructed not to attend work and to follow the latest Government advice on next steps.

Any employee absent because of a confirmed case of COVID-19 will remain off site for the full course of the illness, as recommended by Government guidelines.

We appreciate that you may require additional or altered services during this period for your own Business Continuity. We are focused on working with our customers to establish these requirements. Please keep us updated on your requirements.

As we all seek to mitigate the spread of the virus, we would appreciate it if you could make us aware of any confirmed or potential cases of the virus at your sites where an employee may have recently visited and will be due to visit so we can take the appropriate actions to keep our employee safe.

/ Customer/Visitor Notice

While we aim to minimise visitors, our Covid secure processes ensure any essential visits will be conducted in a welcome and safe environment. However, as we have limits on the number attending and require prior checks on health condition, these should always be pre-booked and agreed in advance.