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CHO-BOND-1075 (2.5-oz-Kit)

ADHESIVE AND PRIMER(1086) (2.5-Ounce-Kit)


    CHO-BOND 1075 is a silver plated aluminum filled, one-component conductive silicone designed for use as a fillet, gap filler and seam sealant on electrical enclosures for EMI shielding or electrical grounding. Minimum recommended bond line for CHOBOND 1075 is 0.010 inches (0.25mm). In addition, CHO-BOND 1075 may be used for EMI gasket repair, bonding, and attachment in applications where moderate strength (100 psi) is required. The silver aluminum filler of CHO-BOND 1075 provides excellent galvanic corrosion resistance when applied to aluminum substrates. No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and minimal shrinkage upon curing make CHO-BOND 1075 a good choice for a variety of commercial and military applications. CHO-BOND 1075’s moisture cure silicone polymer system allows it to cure to the touch in 24 hours and provides a robust conductive and environmental seal over a wide range of application temperatures.


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