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PPG PR1196-A/B (0.9-Ltr-Kit)

$801.90 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 31/Oct/2024

warningHazardous Material

Introducing PPG PR1196-A/B (0.9-LTR-KIT): Elevate aircraft safety with this sprayable polyurethane coating. Acting as a secondary fuel barrier, it prevents fuel migration in integral fuel tanks. Easy to apply and with thixotropic properties, it ensures thorough coverage and optimal barrier formation. Ideal for aviation maintenance, meeting stringent safety regulations.


    PPG PR1196-A/B (0.9-LTR-KIT) is a remarkable solution for enhancing aircraft safety. Specifically formulated as a secondary fuel barrier for aircraft integral fuel tanks, this sprayable polyurethane coating offers unparalleled protection. In the event of a leak in the primary seal system, PR-1196 acts as a reliable containment measure, effectively preventing fuel migration and ensuring enhanced safety measures.

    Key features:
    • Secondary Fuel Barrier: Designed as a secondary protective layer, PR-1196 provides an additional safeguard against fuel leaks, enhancing overall safety standards.
    • Sprayable Application: Its sprayable nature facilitates easy and efficient application, ensuring thorough coverage even on vertical surfaces.
    • Thixotropic Properties: The uncured material exhibits excellent thixotropic properties, enabling it to achieve optimal film thickness, crucial for effective barrier formation.
    • Resilient Coating: Upon curing at room temperature, PR-1196 forms a resilient transparent coating, boasting high elongation and tensile strength properties for long-lasting performance.
    PR-1196 finds extensive application in safeguarding aircraft integral fuel tanks, particularly on the exterior surfaces of the center wing box tank. Its ability to form a robust barrier makes it indispensable in aviation maintenance, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations. 
    --- Elevate your aircraft safety standards with PPG PR1196-A/B (0.9-LTR-KIT). 


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