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$356.43 excl VAT ($427.72 incl VAT)
Ordered on request
PREPREG (1067mm Width) (1-Metre-Length)


CYCOM® 919 is a modified epoxy resin supplied on graphite, glass and aramid reinforcing fibers. This resin system offers controlled flow and high elongation permitting direct lamination to honeycomb without the use of additional adhesive. These properties make lightweight sandwich structures possible where impact resistance or a thinner-skin is an important design consideration. Examples include radomes subject to rain erosion and aircraft interiors subject to physical abuse. CYCOM® 919 composites are serviceable over a temperature range of -67°F to 200°F (-55°C to 93°C) and can be fully cured at 235°F to 260°F (113°C to 127°C) in 60 minutes. Typical applications for CYCOM® 919 include radomes, aircraft interiors, and aircraft secondary structures.


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