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ACTANE-AAA (25-Ltr-Ctnr)

$1376.58 excl VAT ($1651.90 incl VAT)
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WETTING AGENT (25-Litre-Container)


Actane AAA is a liquid mixture of surface active agent which reduces fuming, lowers surface tension and improves pickling in non-oxidising acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric and hydrofluoric. Actane AAA provides a foam blanket on most pickling solutions that prevents acid spray. It may be used in both electrolytic and soak acid pickles Actane AAA is particularly effective in reducing fumes from hot sulfuric acid.It reduces the attacj of acids on steel while promoting more uniform attacks on rust and scale. The low surface tension produced by Actane AAA minimises drag-out losses of acid, thus lowering pickling costs. The use of Actane AAA results in less corrosion to surrounding equipment. The penetrating and detergent actions of Actane AAA allows the acid pickle to penetrate under rust and scale and displace oily films. An acid pickle containing Actane AAA eliminates the oily film which sometimes results from poor precleaning or liberation of trapped oil during pickling. The use of Actane AAA helps to displace tehse oily films and leaves a cleaner surface for subsequent plating or painting.


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